Choosing convention items or ones with promotional bags? Over the nearest decade for now, it’s becoming more difficult and more competitive than for all enterprise to gain marketplace of local consumers and reach their selling target, therefore it raises their headache concerns who start looking for ways to save expense but still be able to catch customer favor. With above desire, one of good and attractive solutions to express their gratitude to customers is promotion items. When you go to supermarkets to buy products you will see a number of promotional items such as promotion bags with different designs, you will choose to buy conventional products or will choose to buy products including promotion items? Capturing this consumption psychology, commercial companies and advertisers seek out promotional bag makers to develop their own strategies.

At Domingo bag factory you will find the most convenience of promotional bags such as:
  • The price is cheaper, the cost of investment is very low because of non commercial value,
  • Better shape and design,
  • Clear details, highlighted due to silk or digital printing technology,
  • Simple printing content, mainly logo or slogan,
  • Material is soft, lightweight, easy to purchase and convenient for delivery in the shortest and fastest time,
  • The main material of bag from polyester against moisture or water proofing.
  • Promotional bags are used as gifts at supermarkets, trade shows, showrooms, etc, With each heading idea of advertiser, Domingo always has the most affordable solution with the target price for advertisers or commercial companies.
If you want to reach to students or tourists, backpack is the product that young people love. Or you are looking for market share as officers, the briefcase bags are the best. If you are concerning about housewives, it’s pleased to choose a convenient, lightweight of tote bag. Don’t hesitate to contact us to update favourite items.

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